8 most popular blog articles at Greencarrier during 2016

By The Blogging Crew, 25 January 2017

2016 has been an intense year in many ways, and not least in the transportation industry. But the past year has also brought a lot of lessons and insights. In a way to sum up 2016, we have collected our most read blog articles for both Greencarrier Freight Services and Greencarrier Liner Agency. Have you perhaps missed any of our articles? Read them here below.

Greencarrier Freight Services top 4 articles

1. I want everyone to know Greencarrier’s name in Shanghai”
The interview with our Business Development Manager at Freight Services, Nick Winther Graversen, is one of our most read articles. He left Denmark for a job in China. Learn more about this life in Shanghai and about his knowledge of the business and customer needs.

2. A sustainable short sea solution between the UK and Norway
Sustainability is a major factor to include in order to stay competitive on the market in the coming years. In this article you will learn how we combine this topic with our new North Sea Link Solution (a trailer and truck service between the UK and Norway).

3. China in Focus: Transport and logistics in the stone industry
China is the world’s largest stone market – not only in production but also in consumption. Our blog article highlights supply and demand, as well as the future of the stone industry.

4. 6 challenges & trends in intermodal freight transport
Intermodal freight transportation goes all the way back to the 1700s. Back then for example, coal was transported in containers on England’s Bridgewater Canal. Today, this type of transport plays a significant role in the overall supply and distribution chain. Learn more about the challenges and trends our business is currently facing.

Greencarrier Liner Agency top 4 articles

1. Confessions of a retiring container
Have you ever wondered what happens to a container during its lifecycle? Or how the world started using standardised boxes for shipping at all? This article contains a special greeting from one of our retiring containers.

2. Evergreen Line and the future
Sustainability is on everybody’s lips and it has never been more important to take responsibility for today’s environmental issues. How does Evergreen work for a more sustainable future? In this article we have collected their long-term efforts in environmental protections.

3. The importance of shipping in the transportation industry
The international shipping industry is accountable for 90% of world trade. As the agent for Evergreen Line, Greencarrier Liner Agency sees many benefits of using the sea as a transportation route. In this article, we have gathered 8 interesting facts about shipping you don’t want to miss.

4. 10 global trends affecting supply and demand in the container shipping industry
These days we face many challenges, as well as possibilities in our industry. In this blog article, our Managing Director for Greencarrier Liner Agency Sweden, shares 10 global trends that affect supply and demand in the container shipping industry.

For more interesting articles, visit our Freight Forwarding Knowledge Center and Container Shipping Knowledge Center. Are you looking for any other information? You can find us at our webpage and in our social media channels.

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