A container’s journey in 1 minute ­- from booking to delivery

Have you ever wondered what happens to your cargo, after requesting a shipment with us? With this video post, we want to show...

Have you ever wondered what happens to your cargo, after requesting a shipment with us? With this video post, we want to show you what actually happens when you book a container with Greencarrier Liner Agency. Follow the container’s journey ­ from booking to delivery.



1. Receiving your booking

First of all, you will get in contact with our Sales Department or Customer Service Department. The department receives your booking and assists you in finding the best Evergreen Service available for your cargo. Depending on your needs, you might want to add inland haulage to your transport solution.

2. Checking equipment  availability

Our Customer Service Department or Equipment Department, makes sure to find the right container type for your goods, whether it is a container for Dry Cargo or Reefer Cargo, depending on if it’s foodstuff, furniture, machinery or waste products that will be shipped.

3. Checking space availability

We also check space availability on the vessel, and possible connecting feeder vessels, depending on the final destination of the cargo. We provide a comprehensive feeder network reaching into hundreds of minor ports around the world.

4. Booking a truck to load your cargo

We book a truck to make sure your cargo can be picked up, stuffed into a container and transported back to the terminal. We confirm the booking with you.

5. Loading your container

An empty container is picked up at the container depot at the sea port or from an inland depot. A truck deliver the empty container to your warehouse or factory, where the container is loaded with your cargo.

6. Sealing and returning the container to the sea port

Your container is sealed with a High Security Seal to ensure that no one opens the container until it has reached its final destination. Your loaded container is transported to the vessel terminal at the sea port.

7. Loading your cargo onto feeder vessel

Your container is loaded onto the feeder vessel by the terminal operator at the sea port.

8. Goodbye, and safe journey to the destination port

The feeder vessel takes your container to a major transshipment port such as, for example Hamburg, Rotterdam or Bremerhaven, where larger container vessels depart. It means that your container will be unloaded from the vessel and stowed in the waiting­area at the port. It waits for the next vessel, and when it arrives, the container will be transshipped to a larger mother­vessel that will take your container further on its journey to reach the final destination.

Greencarrier Liner Agency follows the customer service standards

This is an example of a journey of a container, and as you can see, there are several steps before the container arrives to its final destination. For us, it is important to deliver excellent results in all these steps. We want to make sure your cargo reaches its final destination in the best way possible, in order for us to live up to our Customer Service Standards. Our standards cover our everyday business and are based on factors that play a major role for our customers when booking a shipment with us. We follow our customer service standards to deliver top performances within several areas. That includes, for example, high availability for our customers, export booking confirmation, the time of arrival notification and the accuracy of export bill of lading and invoicing.

For us, it is important that you are aware of, and feel safe, about your cargo’s transportation across the globe. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog article and watching our video. Hopefully, you gained some valuable information that can be helpful for you along the way. Please visit our website for more information, and contact me with any questions.

/Morten Quist Andersen, Greencarrier Liner Agency

Managing Director

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