A cooperation that promotes efficient freight forwarding between the Nordic and Polish markets

By The Blogging Crew, 5 September 2017

For 13 years, Greencarrier has cooperated closely with the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). As a member and patron of SPCC, we have gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the Polish market as well as created close and long-lasting bonds with other members of the chamber. Knowledge and contacts that we use to create efficient freight forwarding solutions between the Nordic and Polish markets.

Years of experience in the Nordic and Polish markets – gathered into one organisation

The development of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce started in 2004 as a merging of four independent Scandinavian business organisations with years of experience in how to operate and establish businesses on the Polish market. Now, the SPCC is one of the biggest bilateral chambers of commerce in Poland, with close to 400 members. The organisation is functioning as a center for networking, inspiration, knowledge and support for Scandinavian-Polish business interests and values. This is mainly done by cooperating with government bodies as well as national and international organisations. Also, SPCC cooperates with diplomatic and trade representatives from the Nordic countries and Poland.

Representing the Nordic business values and culture in Poland

The members of the SPCC represent the Nordic countries’ biggest industries such as logistics, construction, telecommunication and energy. Even though the companies involved are of various sizes, one thing they have in common is that they want to expand their network of contacts and establish and develop their businesses on the Polish market. The values, thoughts and opinions of the members are in turn represented by the chamber. Besides promoting the member companies, a major task for SPCC is to promote the concepts of fair competition, transparency, equal rights as well as environmental and social responsibility.

A platform for business development and relationship building that goes both ways

Members of SPCC are provided with networking opportunities with managers from Nordic and Polish companies as well as activities for business development and knowledge-sharing. This results in an extensive network with a lot of knowledge. A knowledge that is used both ways; the organisation is introducing the Polish market to Scandinavian companies but also the other way around. Polish companies that are interested in finding business partners, manufacturers, distributors or customers in the Nordic countries also benefit from the vast network.

The cooperation results in brand awareness and knowledge about freight forwarding on the Polish market

During our years as a member and patron of SPCC, Greencarrier has aimed to promote both the company and its Swedish roots. The recurring events, seminars and conferences have been a great opportunity for us to do that. By also helping out in these types of activities, Greencarrier is featured in various contexts and media such as the SPCC’s website’s main page, in invitations to events and presentations.

Thanks to our close collaboration with SPCC, Greencarrier has become better recognised in Poland. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in how to operate in the Polish market, tied new friendships and at the same time introduced Scandinavian business style and values to the Polish market. The knowledge and network that we have gained help us to create efficient and reliable freight forwarding solutions to our nordic customers who want to ship goods to and from Poland. A win-win situation and we are looking forward to our continued cooperation!

Do you have any questions about our work with SPCC, feel free to contact me! If this blogpost made you interested in networking with others in the logistic and transport sector, visit our social media channels and connect.

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