A privilege to give back to the society

By The Blogging Crew, 17 June 2016

One of our ambitions as a company is always to give back to the society. And we do it because we care about things outside our own industry. One of many projects that goes to our hearts is Barngolfen – a fundraising project to support ill children.


Charity golf to raise money for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital

Greencarrier is involved in Barngolfen (The Children’s Golf) in Gothenburg, Sweden. We have been proud participants and sponsor of Barngolfen previous years, and this year was no exception.

Barngolfen is the largest charity golf in the Nordic countries with a fundraising purpose for the children’s hospital, Drottning Silvias Barnsjukhus in Gothenburg, Sweden. The money raised is used for making life easier for the children, and to foster the recovery by creating a healing environment and meaningful moments. We are very proud to be a part of the golf tournament and to help these children, who often spend a long time in the hospital.

Raising money together with celebrities and golf pros

This golf day, many celebrities and golf professionals together with companies play Barngolfen. For Greencarrier, Björn Eklund, Stefan Björk and Maja Woytowicz played together with the Swedish golf professional Magnus Wallin and the Swedish well known radio profile Ingemar Allén. They did a really good job and came in with a 4th place this year.

Last year, the golf tournament raised almost 2.8 MSEK, which was, again, the best fundraising amount in the history for Barngolfen. This year, we reached the result 3,5 MSEK in total which we are very happy to be part of!

Team Greencarrier_barngolfen_2016

Do you like what we do? Let us know!

If you like what we do – also like it on Facebook! We think Barngolfen is a great way of contributing to a better world. We want to spread the message and inspire other companies to participate. So if you can help us share our story, we are thrilled!

To support Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital directly, visit their website.

Want to know more about the Greencarrier Spirit or how we work with CSR? Visit our blog and the Greencarrier website for more articles and info.

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