A sustainable short sea solution between the UK and Norway

By Georg Moltu, 6 October 2016

Shipping time and cost, health and safety as well as reliability and quality will always count when it comes to freight forwarding. But at Greencarrier, we believe sustainability is a major factor to include in order to stay competitive on the market in the coming years. Sustainable transports and logistics are about managing the flow of goods in a smarter way. It is about having knowledgeable staff not only taking the given factors into consideration, but also the environment.


The North Sea Link Solution is a new trailer service between UK and Norway

By the first of September, we will start our new North Sea Link Solution – a trailer and truck service between the UK and Norway. The first trade lane will be between Aberdeen in Scotland and the west and south coasts of Norway. Later on this year, our ambition is to start a second trade lane, which will be between Immingham in England and the west coast of Norway.

A sustainable and reliable solution based on our fleet of eco-friendly trucks

The trailers will be shipped from the UK with RoRo Vessels to our hub in Stavanger in Norway and distributed by truck to Bergen and Kristiansand the following day. We also collect cargo across the UK and Norway. When distributing and collecting cargo, we ask ourselves one important question: How can we do this with a minimal ecological footprint?

As one step of getting closer to providing a sustainable and reliable transport solution, we use our fleet of eco-friendly trucks. Our trucks are equipped with monitoring and tracking technology enabling us to plan the transports in the most efficient and eco-friendly way.

Euro Class 6 trucks improves fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions

Our fleet of eco-friendly trucks is based on Euro Class 6 trucks that run with engines for improved fuel efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to the benefits for the environment, we can offer our customers emission reports for every shipment.

Telematics system monitors driver behaviour and improves key areas

Our eco-friendly fleet is based on a telematics system that enables us to monitor and control driver behaviour. This drastically improves key areas such as reduced idle time (<5%), driving within economy (>70%), cruise control usage (>50%), and engine load time (<5%).

Setting the above standards allows us to not only improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions across our fleet. We also contribute by being a service provider that focuses on the environment, and not least, the fact that sustainability actually counts.

GPS tracking technology reduces the number of trips and counteracts theft

Our own flat-bed trailers are equipped with GPS tracking technology. Careful control of our trailer fleet reduces the number of trips needed to pick up and drop off the trailers and reduces the fuel consumption. It also allows us to provide our customers with real-time shipment tracking and counteract cargo theft.

We are part of creating a more eco-friendly future

Being a service provider, Greencarrier Freight Services is part of the environmental challenges that every transport and logistics company face today. But by managing the flow of goods in a smarter way, we are also part of the solution. We always think outside the box and firmly believe, regardless of request, that Yes, it’s possible – try us!

Whenever you need a solution for moving your goods between the UK and Norway, make sure to keep our North Sea Link Solution in mind.

Would you like to know more about our North Sea Link Solution? Please feel free to contact me. Read more about How we take responsibility for the environment. Also Join us in social media for more news and updates.

/ Georg Moltu Greencarrier Freight Services

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