Best of 2021 Top 3 most read blog articles about transportation and logistics

Best of 2021: Top 3 most read blog articles about transportation and logistics

By Cecilia Jonebäck, 22 December 2021

Christmas and the holidays are around the corner and 2021 is coming to an end. Another special year in many ways, but we have kept sharing our employee’s knowledge and insights here at our blog and we would like to summarize our blog year by sharing our most popular articles from 2021. Check out the list and enjoy your reading!


1. Digitalisation, automation, and new technologies are transforming the shipping industry.

What is the biggest trends? In this article we had a chat with Heikki Aulanko, the Global Operations Manager at Greencarrier Liner Agency, about digitalisation and data standardisation in the container shipping industry and what future possibilities it may bring. He also shares his tips for how customers can be prepared. Read this article to find out what future possibilities can digitalisation bring to the container shipping industry?

Container shipping


2. Global supply chain and logistics trends for 2021

When speaking about trends, in the beginning of 2021 Johan Jemdahl shared some thoughts about upcoming trends within the logistics industry. In the footsteps of covid-19 and with 2020, one of the most difficult and challenging years in modern history behind us, he shared 5 global supply chain and logistics trends for 2021. Read the article to find out if it turned out as expected.


3. Mistakes every first-time shipper should avoid

There is always a first time for everything, even for shipping goods. It can be a lot of things to consider and options to choose. So, to all first-time shippers out there, this one is for you: 4 mistakes every first-time shipper should avoid. We hope this article can help you in your journey towards your first shipment.

4 mistakes every first-time shipper should avoid

We hope you found some interesting articles for your holiday reading. Thank you for visiting our blog. Are you looking for more information about Greencarrier, visit our web page or get social with us in our social media channels.

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