Eco-trucks – New Green Transport Solution in Finland

By Minna Ruisaho, 4 August 2015

Anyone unfamiliar with the issue might not immediately realise why the environment might be grateful for a 33 metre long truck weighing 90 tonnes and why it’s called an Eco-truck. However, Speed’s Eco-truck lives up to its Eco name.


As well known, we at Greencarrier wants to take responsibility for the environment. Protecting the environment is a central and important part of the daily operations. In combination with shipping and Evergreen Line, we want to find green, eco-friendly solutions for our customers, where the central issue is a way of working that is efficient, economic and respects the environment.

This solution is innovative in various ways and use the latest technology in the sector

In cooperation with the transport company Speed Oy and Versowood, Finland’s largest privately owned wood processing company, Greencarrier Liner Agency Finland has developed a partnership for a green transport solution with so called Eco trucks.

A trial of Eco trucks aimed at cutting carbon emissions in container transport was launched in November 2013 by the transport company Speed. This is a five-year project whose aim is to produce accurate information on fuel consumption and the potential for the vehicles to use biofuel. The results look promising. Emissions of large capacity combinations per tonne transported are clearly lower than other transports.

Cutting greenhouse gases by 40%

When Greencarrier want a transport of two 40’ containers from Versowood’s sawmill in Vierumäki to port of Helsinki, there are two options. Two trucks leave on the journey, between them consuming 80 l fuel per 100 km. If an Eco-truck is used it can take both 40’ containers at once and consume 48 l fuel per 100 km. Using an Eco-truck, containers can be transported with a 40% cut in greenhouse gases.

“We approached our partner company Speed as we were interested in the Eco-truck project, whose environmental impacts are immediate and concrete and will in the long term benefit everyone involved. If we gain a network of Eco-trucks in Finland, it will ensure the competitiveness of our customers and simultaneously clearly place a lower burden on the environment,” says Greencarrier Liner Agency Finland’s managing director Tuomas Timgren.

Evergreen Line was the first ocean shipping line to incorporate sustainable development and environmental technology in its operations. It has always invested in technology that guarantees energy efficiency and operations that protect the environment.

Container – the most sustainable mode of transport

At Versowood too the Eco-truck project is seen as an efficient means of transport for the future with a sustainable environmental impact. “A larger and larger amount of international transport is by container, where longer transport journeys are raising the importance of green issues. Container transport is the most sustainable mode of transport from an environmental perspective and if we gain a wide-ranging network of Eco-trucks in Finland, it will help us to stay competitive in the international market,” says Export Director Matti Iso-Kuusela from the Versowood group.

– Length 33 metres
– Max weight 90 tonnes
– Axle weight, turning circle and height do not differ from a normal truck
– Drive on precisely defined routes under a permit from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency
– Can transport two 40’ shipping containers at the same time, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by an impressive 40 percent

Read more on our website or contact me if you want to know more about this solution.

/Minna Ruisaho, Greencarrier Liner Agency

2 thoughts on Eco-trucks - New Green Transport Solution in Finland

  1. I like the fact that your company is so concerned about the environment. It isn’t something I would have expected from a shipping company. Besides being better for the environment, grouping shipments saves time and resources. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Ian for your nice response. We want to inspire our staff, customers and suppliers to take a bigger responsibility for the environment. We realise that we cannot do everything at once, but we are committed to doing what we can and make improvements step by step.

      Have a nice day!
      /The Blogging Crew

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