Environmental training programme to maintain a green dialogue

By The Blogging Crew, 3 April 2017

At Greencarrier Freight Services, the environment is the mothership of all of our activities. As a mothership carries and leads other smaller vehicles, the environment carries and leads our business in the right direction and towards the right decisions. One of those decisions is to provide an environmental training programme for all our employees.

Knowledge is valuable goods that need to be well taken care of

Our mission is to challenge the market with new and eco-friendly transportation possibilities. This all starts with knowledge, which is something we always carry with us. And just like with any other valuable goods, it needs to be well taken care of. Continuously educating our employees about environmental issues and raise awareness of the environmental aspects of our duties, is a necessary part of the process to get to our mission. The more knowledge we have, the larger will our ability be to make the right choices in favour of the environment.

By providing each employee with a strong knowledge foundation, they can maintain a green dialogue with our customers, suppliers and collaboration partners about environmental issues, what needs they have, and how to solve potential problems. It helps us become more innovative and get one step closer to challenging the market with new eco-friendly transport possibilities.

We provide a comprehensive environmental training programme

Our environmental training programme includes several parts. First, there is the introduction where we clarify the purpose and goal of the training programme. Then, we go through our sustainability objectives and how we would like to move forward in the next couple of years. We discuss the environment from an economical perspective and how we can become stronger on the market as a provider of eco-friendly transport solutions as well as an employer. Another important part of the education is how the transport and logistics industry affects the environment and what we can do to decrease emissions.

We also discuss the Greencarrier Spirit, how to work with sustainability on many levels, and what possibilities we have in our organisation to engage both internally and externally. This is done through our Greencarrier Spirit Fund, in which we set aside one percent of our yearly profit and all employees are welcome to apply for money to start up their own CSR projects.

The importance of transportation also in the future

Transportation plays a huge part in our society; it is even crucial for our society to properly function – and will continue to be also in the future. At the same time, transportation is a large source of harmful emissions threatening our planet. Greencarrier Freight Services’ core business is to move goods across the globe, providing a wide range of transport and logistics solutions and services. With this comes great responsibility. We are no less than obliged to doing as much as we possibly can to decrease emissions. In the end, it comes down to what kind of planet we would like to hand over to our children and grandchildren – preferably a green and flourishing one! In other words, if we all continue in the same way as previously, polluting the environment, things will end badly.

However, I am an optimist! Over the past few years, we have seen many positive changes in society coming from government sectors and regulatory organisations. There is a large focus on reaching our global climate targets that make me feel very positive about the future.

Sharing is caring – spread your knowledge about the environment

To spread knowledge about our environmental work, we continuously communicate our activities, for example through our Knowledge Center and Social Media Channels. We encourage you to do the same! If you think our environment work and sustainability projects makes sense, please feel free to share them with your friends.

If you have any questions, contact me directly or visit our website to read more about what we do for the environment and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Also, read my blog article Why we evaluate our transport and logistics suppliers.

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