Environmentally-friendlier vehicle solution for Hennes & Mauritz

By Wojciech Gniadzik, 24 October 2014

To help clothing company Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) reduce their carbon footprint Greencarrier Freight Services Poland has introduced dual fuel vehicles for their transports.


When H&M wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of their transports we were very happy to find the best solution together with them. Environmental improvements is an important focus area for us and when the customer prioritize this as well it’s a perfect match. We looked at a range of options and decided the installation of the dual fuel system was the best solution. Not only does this system ensure that we will reduce vehicle emissions, it also cuts fuel consumption by at least 10%.


We are always working with our suppliers and partners to offer the most technologically advanced and cost efficient solutions in the market. The introduction of these dual-fuel vehicles is a good example of such an eco-innovative solution and we hope to inspire and help other suppliers to adopt the system as well.

Please contact me if you want to know more about our solutions! You can also read more about this on or website  and learn more about what we do for the environment in our blog article “How we take responsibility for the environment”

/ Wojciech Siebeneichen, Greencarrier Freight Services Poland

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