Evergreen Line and the future – investing in the environment

By Minna Ruisaho, 24 October 2016

As a member of the global community, we have to take responsibility for today’s environmental issues. Evergreen Line continues with their long-term efforts in environmental protection in order to pave the way for a more sustainable future.


Participating in a project that enables scientists to learn more about climate change

Since 2008, Evergreen has been participating in the Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement Project. The goal of the project is to establish a high-resolution observation about greenhouse gases such as ozone, water vapor and carbon dioxide. The project collects emission data from satellites, commercial aircraft – and with Evergreen Line’s participation – from container vessels. This enables scientists to monitor the distribution of greenhouse gases over oceans in three dimensions and conduct research about the global warming and climate change.

Equipping new vessels with innovative bow design to save energy

In line with the stringent eco-friendly criteria that Evergreen has implemented in their operations, their B-type ships will be equipped with innovative Sea-Sword Bow technology. This energy-saving bow design enables the ships to maintain optimum performance in various navigational conditions and to reduce fuel consumption by approximately five percent compared to traditional bow designs.

Following a vessel renewal program to reduce emissions in the future

Evergreen also follow a vessel renewal program where their new ship designs will be implemented together with eco-friendly technology solutions. They expect to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by ten percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by fifteen percent.

Keeping track of onboard hazardous materials to improve ship recycling

They have started to implement Green Passports to the L-type shipbuilding project to comply with IMO’s Ship Recycling Convention, which will soon be put into practice. Green Passports keep record of onboard hazardous materials, making it possible to take effective measures for reducing the risks posed to the environment during ship recycling. This approach demonstrates Evergreen Line’s responsibility in connection with the ship recycling industry, and will help to reduce environmental risks related to decommissioning of ships.

Future environmental investments – alternative energy sources may be an option

With the continuing advancement of technologies, we believe that there is a large potential in alternative energy source in the future. Of course, the need for new energy will depend on market demand and supply, product maturity and regulation requirements. Liquefied natural gas, for example, is an optional energy for new vessels in the future that we will not rule out. However, there are some issues that need to be properly dealt with, such as the bunkering market, infrastructural development, regulation maturity and the reliability of new systems. Evergreen Line will for sure be keeping an eye on the development!

This is all for now, thank you for reading my blog post! If you missed my previous articles, you find them here: The environment is always on Evergreens agenda, Optimisations of vessel navigation in eco-friendly ways and Environmental actions taken to minimise emissions of vessels.

/Minna Ruisaho, Greencarrier Liner Agency

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