Evergreen steps up its services to Ireland and UK

By The Blogging Crew, 7 August 2014

Evergreen’s new investments and efforts for enhanced feeder services to/from Dublin, Ireland and Liverpool, UK are a great possibility for the Nordic and Baltic markets where our customers can connect to feeder services to Dublin and Liverpool with approximately 7 days transit time to both ports.

The line will offer a twice-weekly service from its hub in Rotterdam to Dublin and dedicated slots on a weekly basis to Liverpool. Overall transit times to and from both Dublin and Liverpool will be better and there will be an increased ability to coordinate the trans-shipment of cargo at Rotterdam.

Strengthens its Intra Europe services

We find it very positive for our markets in the Nordic and Baltics that Evergreen develops the short-sea option and strengthens its Intra Europe services in order to meet customer demands for regular and reliable services to Northwest UK and Ireland.

Evergreen will run its own service on a weekly shuttle basis between Rotterdam and Dublin and will also start a slot exchange arrangement with a common feeder company on its weekly Dublin service from Rotterdam.

The combination of Evergreen’s own vessels together with the use of slots on a well-established feeder service is a significant improvement to the service that we hope our customers will take advantage of.

For more information about Evergreen’s enhanced service to Ireland and UK visit our website or follow us on social media to get more news and updates!

/Fabian Ciba, Greencarrier Liner Agency

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  1. Thanks again for writing such a good post you made my day I’ve bookmarked your blog I’ll be back for more!

    1. Thanks for reading our blog and we’re glad you like it. We hope you will enjoy reading our next coming articles as well.

      Have a nice day!

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