Everything you need to know about our fulfilment centre in Hong Kong

Everything you need to know about our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong

By Tero Ahonen, 18 June 2019

Did you know Greencarrier Freight Services offers a fulfillment centre in Hong Kong? What the heck is a fulfillment centre, you may wonder? And why in Hong Kong of all places? Wonder no more. In this dedicated blog post, I will sort it all out for you.

What is a fulfillment centre?

A fulfillment centre is basically a warehouse for storage and distribution services. Running your own warehouse can be both costly and time-consuming as it often involves large investments in equipment, staff and other resources. A fulfillment centre enables you to outsource storage and distribution to an expert. This allows you to focus more on your core business.

At the fulfillment centre, the expert takes care of everything from goods receiving, order processing, picking and packing to assembling, labelling, and transportation of the goods to the end customer.

Top 3 reasons for using Hong Kong as a hub for warehousing

There are several reasons for choosing Hong Kong as a hub for warehousing and distribution. Here are three of the main ones.

1. Hong Kong is a global shipping hub

Hong Kong is a global shipping hub and also one of the busiest shipping hubs in the world. For example, the Hong Kong International Airport is ranked as the world’s busiest for international cargo. This provides shippers with capabilities in terms of resource allocation, shipping services, and efficient logistics.

2. Hong Kong is a duty-free port

Moreover, Hong Kong is a duty-free port. This means regulations are trade-friendly and it is easy to import and export goods to Hong Kong compared to other regions. For example, when importing, you don’t have to pay import duties and taxes. Also, you don’t need to have your own company registered in Hong Kong in order to use a fulfillment centre located there.

3. Hong Kong is close to mainland China

Hong Kong is also advantageously located close to mainland China. China is the biggest production centre in the world and combined with the trade-friendly regulations and status as a duty-free port, it is easy to move goods from mainland China to Hong Kong.

Who would benefit from our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong?

If you are sourcing products in Asia, transporting them to a warehouse in Europe, and then shipping worldwide, our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong is a perfect option for you. Shipping directly from our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong and not having to transport the goods all the way to Europe allows you to skip an entire step in your logistics chain. This will significantly reduce lead-time as well as transportation and storage cost.

Perhaps, you are manufacturing products in Europe but shipping to customers in Asia? Then you will also benefit from our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong. Fulfilling your orders directly from our warehouse means we can have your goods distributed in a matter of days.

Are you planning on going global with your e-commerce store? Focus on your core business and we can assist you in fulfilling your orders. We have the capabilities to carry out every step of the storage and distribution process from our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong.

How does it work?

  • It is super simple! You ship your goods to our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong, or we can handle the inbound shipment for you.
  • We register your goods in our online platform for you to easily get an overview of your stock and inventory.
  • You sell your products in your e-commerce store to your customers.
  • You send your orders to us by email. Or, you can integrate your e-commerce software to our platform to send your orders directly from your e-commerce store into our platform.
  • We pick, pack and ship your goods as LCL or FCL by road, ocean or air to your customers based on your needs and shipping rules, which you can pre-set in our platform. You are also able to track orders, customize customer notifications, and handle returns using our platform.

Easy peasy, right?

If you have any questions about our fulfillment centre in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to contact me or my collueges at Greencarrier Freight Services. We are happy to help!

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