Full range of transport, warehousing and cross-docking services with new hub in Poland

By Grzegorz Sas, 15 February 2016

With its beneficial location in Central Europe and the access to the sea, Poland is standing strong as one of the most important transhipment points between Western and Eastern Europe, as well as for global trade flows. In addition to our existing facilities, we are now establishing a new distribution hub in Szczecin. It allows us to meet increasing demands for transport, warehousing and cross-docking services.


The importance of being perceptive to market changes

As a logistics and transport partner, it is important to listen to the market, react quickly to changing demands and always strive to offer the best solutions. In Poland, we have managed cargo flows in and out of the country since 2012. Over the past years, we have studied the market carefully and noticed an increasing demand in transport, warehousing and cross-docking services. With our new distribution hub in Szczecin, we are able to develop our transport and logistics solutions in line with increasing market demands. By being closer to our customers, we can also strengthen our existing services.

Conveniently located in the port of Szczecin with access to Scandinavia and Europe

Our new hub has the size of 1.000 square meters including office space in the warehouse. It is conveniently located in the major port of Szczecin in the north-west side of the country. The access to the Baltic Sea and inland connections with water routes covering the entire Europe, as well as the access to a major communication intersection linking the port with European road network, are major advantages. There is excellent connection to the A6 motorway and S3 expressway leading to Scandinavia and Southern Europe. The location is also attractive as it serves as a centre for cooperation between businesses in Poland, Germany and Scandinavia.

Providing a full range of transport, warehousing and cross-docking services

Our new hub has the capacity to offer a full range of transport, warehousing and cross-docking services to our customers including sea, air, road and rail. We offer ocean transportation for containerised goods and handle all the logistics. We can also provide a combination of ocean transport and air freight via hubs in Asia and the Middle East. Our air freight services include consolidations, charter and direct shipments as well as central procurement and carrier management.

FTL, LTL and PTL between Poland and Scandinavia

With our new hub, we can offer road services including both full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) between Poland and Scandinavia. Our new facilities also allow domestic and international road service for partial truckload (PTL). Our warehouse provides many possibilities including warehousing, co-packing, preparing and distribution of goods in Poland.

Cross-docking solution that keeps your goods moving

With our new distribution hub, we can also offer a cross-docking solution that keeps your goods moving. The storage time is greatly reduced, or completely eliminated, as the goods are distributed directly to the customer. The goods are received through an inbound dock, separated and mixed as required, and directly transferred to the outbound dock. If you transport, for example, temperature controlled goods which need to be transported quickly, or already packaged and sorted products, this is a convenient solution. Our cross-docking solution reduces complexity in the supply chain and helps reduce handling times and distribution costs.

Road freight operation to further expand our presence in Europe

In addition to our new distribution hub in Szczecin, we are also opening a road freight operation in Poznań. The developments are part of our continuing strategy to expand our presence in Central and Eastern Europe to meet increasing customer demands.

Are you more curious about our new hub? Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! For more news and updates, also visit us in social media. You will find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

/ Grzegorz Sas, Greencarrier Freight Services Poland

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  1. It’s interesting that you mentioned how important it is to keep track of the market. If you can keep track of the market you can make any changes necessary to your transportation needs. Having a staff member assigned to keep track of the market would be a good way to keep up on the need to cross dock or not.

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