Gateways to Russia open up for possibilities

By Ingars Grinbergs, 17 June 2014

Many Russian clients ship their cargoes via several gateways, for example both via Finland and the Baltic countries. With presence in all the major gateways to Russia we can offer customised transport solutions all over the world.

Port terminals with ideal locations for the main cargo flows

There are many gateways to Russia and Greencarrier has offices in all the major ones; Kotka in Finland, Tallinn in Estonia, Riga in Latvia and Klaipeda in Lithuania. Our offices serve not only Russia, but also Belarus, Ukraine and all the Central Asian countries.

The port terminals operated by Greencarrier have ideal locations for the main cargo flows for Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia, and offer good connections to the main road and rail network in each country.

Increasingly popular container block train transports

Our container transport trains are becoming increasingly popular. Among the advantages are easy transportation of heavy lift cargo and bulk cargo, seamless connectivity and reduced costs. From Tallinn in Estonia to Moscow in Russia we offer container train transports on weekly routes with only two days transit time. The block train takes the containers from Tallinn to a terminal in Moscow. We take care of on-carriage from the Moscow terminal to the customer and returning the empty container to Tallinn. From Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia we also offer several container block train transports. For example, we have container block trains going from Riga to Moscow, Tavarnaya Oktyaberskaya, twice a week.

Additional transit services handled by experts

When transporting cargo there are often additional logistics-related issues that need to be taken care of. Our biggest asset is our knowledge about the international market. We can give our customers advice and provide solutions for everything related to export and import. This includes customs clearance, cargo inspection and warehousing including labeling, sorting and groupage.

We can also provide door-to-door deliveries by truck from the Baltic ports to Russia, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Central Asia and reloading to and from different transport modes. Baltic Sea shipping routes are kept open by icebreakers all year round, which gives our customers a great flexibility.

In our free port areas, imported goods can be held, processed and freed from customs duties before re-export. Our e-solutions help keeping track of cargo all the way to its destination. As soon as the cargo has been loaded our customers can log in and monitor when it reaches the destination port, a transfer point or is reloaded.

Increasing transit volumes

As the European economy is not at its strongest, it might be surprising that the transit and container volumes are increasing. In the beginning of July 2014 a new container terminal in the port of Muuga in Estonia opens up. As container ships are becoming larger and global carriers combine their services to a greater extent, the Muuga Industrial Park s now looking for solutions to receive and handle larger vessels.

The new train gate and 2,5 kilometers of inter terminal railways with the additional railway station for containers handling will be taken into exploitation, allowing the terminal to handle up to eight container block trains per day. This is an investment that keep pace with the global trend of containerisation.

There’s an increasing demand of multimodal terminals that can offer a wide range of additional services on-site, such as reloading, storage and packing. The two multimodal terminals, which are handling both containers and conventional cargoes, are developing rapidly in addition to the dedicated container terminal in Riga.

At the doorstep of the booming Russian market

Being located right at the doorstep of the dynamic Russian market and the Baltic Sea region means that we can meet the increasing demands of logistics and services in, not only these regions, but globally. Our gateways open up for opportunities as our customer have more options to choose from, all with growing potential it seems. Would you like to know more about our gateways to Russia? Contact me, Ingars Grinbergs. Also follow us on social media to get more news and updates!

/Ingars Grinbergs, Greencarrier Liner Agency

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