Green solutions in mind for a sustainable tomorrow

By The Blogging Crew, 6 March 2020

Sustainability – a topic high on the agenda in most industries today, and the transport and logistics sector is no exception.

It is both a responsibility and an opportunity to secure the future of business and society. In honor of International Women’s Day on Sunday, we asked three of our many amazing women at Greencarrier, why companies should invest in green and sustainable transport solutions. They have green logistics and solutions in mind every day at work, and here is what they said.

Why should companies invest in green and sustainable transport solutions, Åsa?

Why should they not? We have enough evidence already that the climate change must be taken seriously and we must act sooner rather than later. Global trade is not likely to stop in the near future, but we must ensure that we do it in a more sustainable way. I can also add that many sustainable solutions are actually cost saving.“

– Åsa Leander, Head of Sustainability and Brand, Greencarrier Group

Why should companies invest in green and sustainable transport solutions, Christina?

“Do we have a choice not to? When scientific evidences are clear, mankind is affecting the climate, we all need to rethink about how we plan our logistics; can we build solutions on various lead times and services based upon healthy discussions with both suppliers and customers? Can we change and mix speed and yet meet the market demands? Someone has to take the lead and dare to challenge set ways of working. My young adult children and their awareness inspire me to believe that we all need to make active choices and challenge the current patterns to reduce our climate footprint. The future employees and customers will work for companies and buy brands that are in line with this.”

– Christina Windahl, Strategic Sales and Business Development, Greencarrier Freight Services Sweden

Why should companies invest in green and sustainable transport solutions, Minna?

“Sustainable solutions normally mean that is it the most economical solution as well. For sustainable solutions, normally the latest technology is used, which also saves energy. Global population is prognosed to increase with one billion persons up to 2030, being 8.6 billion people. At the same time, the standard of living is increasing in many countries worldwide, which both means a lot of more energy needed in the future and a drastic emission increase. Our global economy and companies need to take part, to keep the increase of energy moderate.”

– Minna Ruisaho, Customer Service & Operations Director, Greencarrier Liner Agency Finland

Do you agree? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment field below. If you want to get to know these Greencarriers better, you can read the full article here. Visit our Greencarrier blog to read more about our environmental actions or read more in our Sustainability Report. We would love it if you want to connect with us at LinkedInFacebook or Instagram.

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