Greencarrier and triathlon – Yes, it’s possible!

By The Blogging Crew, 2 August 2016

During this summer we are logistic partner to Challenge Nordic – a triathlon series arranged in several Nordic cities. The partnership means that Greencarrier handles all the transports for the races which are arranged in Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway. RaceMakers who are the organisers of the Challenge triathlon races found Greencarrier to be a suitable logistic partner due to our competence in sea and road transportation which was needed when moving around such big event in several Nordic countries.

Matching Greencarrier’s values and mindset; Yes, it’s possible!

When we enter into a sponsorship we find it very important that it is a good match and fits with our values: Humour & Joy, Commitment and Involvement. Our values goes hand in hand with this event and are also values which are needed and cherished to organise this type of event.  Not to forget about our mindset Yes, it’s possible which is recognized in everything we do and reflect on our own ambitions and which also suits very well with the races and the triathletes. What can more describe or visualize the feeling of running 42,4 km , biking 180 km and swimming 3,8 km than, Yes, it’s possible!

Greencarrier and the races in a video

The triathlon races have already started with one race in Billund – Herning Denmark which was 12th of June where we were there to support with the transports of all bicycles during the race. A trailer loaded the bicycles with a special built rack inside the trailer which made it possible to stack the bikes in a careful and space efficient way. The trailer met up the athletes with their bikes at the starting point for the bike route. Check out our video to get a feeling for the races and our mindset Yes, it’s possible!

The most exciting races to come are in Fredericia, Denmark 6/8 and Tønsberg in Norway 27/8 where we will, except handling the transportation, have our own Greencarrier teams participating in the races. So now we will charge the batteries and start to prepare and build up the “Yes, it’s possible!” feeling in order to give all we can in the races. If you are in the neighbourhood of Fredericia or Tønsberg don’t forget to go out and cheer on our teams!

And keep an eye out in our social media channels to see how to races did go for us!

/The Blogging Crew

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