Greencarrier Liner Agency won Line of the Year 2015

By Ingars Grinbergs, 7 June 2016

At Greencarrier Liner Agency, we always strive to deliver high-quality services and solutions to our partners, and the cooperation with Sonora is no exception. We are very proud to receive their Line of the Year 2015 award, proving that our hard work really pays off. We are now more eager than ever to continue to deliver high-quality transport solutions to our customers.


A successful partnership between Sonora and Greencarrier Liner Agency

Sonora is a freight forwarding and logistics company, operating in the Baltic States. The company has been offering safe freight delivery for more than 15 years, transporting to destinations worldwide. Ever since the Latvian company started, Sonora and Greencarrier Liner Agency have had a successful partnership. “A successful cooperation with a reliable partner not only helps facilitate daily activities, but also develop business and growth in both ways”, says Normunds Volbets, Director of Business Development at Sonora.

Line of the Year 2015 acknowledges sea lines that maintain a high-quality transport

The award was created to acknowledge sea lines that maintain a high-quality in transport. To wind up the year of 2015, Sonora handed out the special award Line of the Year 2015, which is the beginning of a great annual tradition. It was decided that, as the first prizewinner, Line of the Year 2015 belonged to Greencarrier Liner Agency as agent for Evergreen Line. The award went to the best and most successful sea line that had cooperated with Sonora during the year. According to Sonora, “Greencarrier Liner Agency stood out from the other competitors due to its united and reliable team, and its interest in offering qualitative customer service at any time” and “All difficulties and uncertainties were solved in the most successful and fast way by Greencarrier Liner Agency”.

The winner was chosen based on the result from an internal survey  

The decision of which company would be the winner of Line of the Year 2015 was based on an in-depth internal survey. The involved participants of the survey were employees of the Booking Department, Customer Service Department and Sales Department at Sonora. A successful long-term cooperation and communication with Sonora for the entire year of 2015, and a quick and operative response to pricing requests and new business opportunities, were a few of the main criteria. Moreover, accurate and operative ways to create, formalise and issue documents for customer service departments, were also prioritised criteria when choosing Line of the Year 2015.

In 2016, a sea line has once again the possibility to win the title The line of Year 2016. The award will go to a sea line that offers advantageous terms and conditions to the players in the transport market. The company also needs to be reliable with a long experience in the transport market. The Sonora-team kindly invites all sea lines to compete and become the best and most qualitative sea line of 2016.

Greencarrier Liner Agency delivers high service throughout the entire process

For Greencarrier Liner Agency, the work is always a team effort where service is high on the agenda. We work hard at delivering a dedicated service to our customers, covering all parts of the process such as sales, operations and finance. We focus on responding quickly to quotes and operation requests, always providing the right information as well as keeping our time schedule.

A big thank you to Sonora for the amazing award! It is always a pleasure to receive acknowledgement for our hard work, proving that we are on the right track. We look forward to many fruitful years together in the future. Would you like to know more our business? Contact me directly or visit our website for more information.

/Ingars Grinbergs, Greencarrier Liner Agency

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