Greencarrier Spirit – Corporate Social Responsibility on many levels

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. This can be done on many levels...

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. This can be done on many levels. With the aim of doing business in a sustainable way over the long-term, we have decided to focus on four key areas.


Our development through four perspectives

At Greencarrier we call our work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the Greencarrier Spirit. Our Greencarrier Spirit is about how we treat our employees and colleagues, how we do business, how we see ourselves as a citizen in society and the world around us, and how we contribute to a sustainable future. With the Greencarrier Spirit as a foundation, these are our four key areas:

1. CSR and employees – the people behind the Greencarrier brand

We embrace employees that want more from their employer than just a paycheck. We believe that being proud of what you do, having a purpose at work and being part of a company with values that matches your own, are legitimate employee demands. We take pride in our staff and always strive to be a good employer.

By investing in our staff’s well-being and development, we secure qualified, highly motivated staff that can help us become a more positive and successful company.

2. CSR and business
 – the responsibility of following laws and regulations

Acting according to the law is obvious to most companies, but acting ethically is not always as obvious. While the law is the key starting point for any business, acting in an ethical way means distinguishing between right and wrong, and then making the right choices. Our ethics underpin the decisions anyone at Greencarrier makes. We believe that working as an ethical business attracts and keeps customers, investors and employees. We also have our core values which set out our business principles and standards.

By conducting business according to ethical, professional and legal standards we are a fair and honest business partner. We stand for quality and personal commitment.

3. CSR and community – Greencarrier as a citizen in society and the world

We want to be a responsible corporate citizen and we believe that by caring for the world around us, and the people in it, we become a better business partner and employer. We take our role as a corporate citizen seriously, being involved in several CSR projects, both locally and globally.

Our policy is to promote positive development in activities such as education, sports and health care. Our projects include a wide range of sponsorships covering children’s rights to saving the Baltic Sea and supporting sports activities.

4. CSR and environment – contributing to a sustainable future

The impact of transportation on the environment is inherently negative. That’s why it’s important for us to be involved in environmental issues. We have a special focus to engage and take care of the environment, and we’re in it for the long term.

Our ambition is to apply the best possible environmental practice whenever we can. We always strive to minimise environmental impact, aiming for continuity in everything we do. We have a long-term commitment to environmental issues and are involved in various projects in the field.

Yes, it’s possible to produce an overall positive impact on the world around us

We are convinced that through our CSR activities and our way of doing things we will make a good contribution to society, find new and exciting business opportunities and attract new investors and employees. Our promise to the market “Yes, it’s possible” does not only permeates our organisation, it stretches further – to how we can make the world a better place together.

For more information about Greencarrier and what we do, please visit our website and for more updates, follow us on social media!

/Josefine Widegren, Greencarrier AB

Group HR Manager

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