Improved logistics flow with short sea shipping solution for Bohus

By Magnus Raab, 10 April 2017

Furniture retailer Bohus in Norway was struggling with an irregular logistics flow, difficulties taking care of large goods volumes within short time frames, and a massive workload for their warehouse staff. This is how we helped them move their goods in a smoother, cheaper, more well-planned, and sustainable way!

Bohus – Norway’s largest furniture and interior house

Bohus is Norway’s largest furniture retailer and interior house with a revenue of 330 million Euro. Bohus imports furniture and interior design from China, India, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland and has 58 stores across Norway.

Irregular logistics flow, large goods deliveries and a massive workload

Initially, Bohus was struggling with an irregular logistics flow and difficulties taking care of large goods volumes within short time frames. The goods were carried on semi-trailers and transported from Poland and the Baltic countries to Norway on a weekly basis. The drivers were loading the goods onto the semi-trailers on Fridays and used the weekends for driving the goods the long distance to Norway. This meant Bohus had extremely large goods volumes delivered to their central warehouse on Monday mornings; up to 30 semi-trailers full of furniture and interior design waiting to be unloaded. This resulted in a massive workload on Mondays and Tuesdays for the warehouse and increased stress levels among staff.

A customised door-to-door short sea shipping solution

As you may guess, Bohus was in great need of a better planning of their logistics flow. And so, Greencarrier Freight Services stepped in. We looked over the possibilities and thought: What if we could offer a customised door-to-door short sea shipping solution using container trucks that would not only improve Bohus’ logistics flow but also their economy, and at the same time, be kinder to the environment?

Said and done! We created a solution where we used 45’ containers instead of trailers. We loaded the containers at the factories in Poland. But instead of transporting the containers all the way to Norway by road, we took it to the Port of Klaipeda. At the Port of Klaipeda, we loaded the containers on a vessel and shipped them to the Port of Drammen in Norway. Once the trucks arrived in Drammen, we could plan the logistics flow from the seaport to Bohus’ warehouse down to the very detail.

We made a priority schedule for exactly which containers would be transported, at what time – in the morning, afternoon, or evening – and on what days. This way, Bohus received the most urgent orders first and stock items second.

Better control of goods volumes, smoother deliveries and healthier staff

A well-planned and predictable logistics flow led to a better control of the goods volumes for Bohus, smoother deliveries, and a better manning situation at the warehouse. The improved workload drastically minimised stress levels among the staff; Bohus even noticed a reduction in short-term sick leave shortly after they had implemented the new short sea shipping solution! In addition, the new solution led to a considerable cost reduction and less cargo damage. Also, the fact that the goods were now moved by ocean and not only by road made it much kinder solution to the environment with minimised exhaust emissions.

We take care of your goods and everything related to it

Greencarrier Freight Services offers complete transport solutions, meaning that we take care of not only the transport but everything related to it. We can offer a door-to-door solution, moving your goods from point A to point B using whatever transport mode that suits you the best including inland haulage, port logistics, customs clearance, and much more. Keeping a close dialogue with our customer is top priority, always with sustainability, quality, and cost-efficiency in mind. If you are familiar with our name: Greencarrier, you know we carry a green ambition and always pool our knowledge together to offer the most superior solutions.

Are you also looking to improve your logistics flow? Could you transport solution be smarter, more sustainable and cost-efficient? Don’t hesitate to contact me! For more information about our solutions, also visit Greencarrier Freight Services’ website.

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