Introducing Scandinavian business style and values in Poland

By The Blogging Crew, 8 December 2014

We have been a member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce since the beginning of the organisation’s establishment on the Polish market, a decade ago.

Thanks to our close collaboration we have become better recognised in Poland, gained a lot of experience in operating on the market and at the same time introduced Scandinavian business style and values in Poland.


A merger between independent Scandinavian business organisations

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce is one of the biggest bilateral chambers of commerce in Poland. The organisation is created by business people and entrepreneurs associated with Scandinavia. SPCC was established in 2004 as a result of a merger between Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish independent business organisations that are now the SPCC National Sections. Today SPCC associates close to 360 members, and this year the organisation celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

The headquarters of SPCC are located in Warsaw, but the organisation carries out its activities throughout the country and is supported by its regional representatives in Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław, Tricity and Szczecin.

Keeping an open dialogue between Nordic and Polish business organisations

Thanks to the synergy effect of the merger, the organisation is allowed to act more efficiently and keep an open dialogue between Nordic companies, local, regional and national authorities as well as other business organisations. The members of SPCC represent the biggest sectors of the Nordic countries economies such as energy, construction, logistics, telecommunication, chemical industry, paper and wood industry, banking and finance. The members are both large and small and medium-sized enterprises, which see their chance for development and success in Poland.

Networking opportunities and inspiration for expanding business organisations

SPCC offers its members a wide range of activities, such as networking business mixers, seminars, thematic branch committees, conferences and breakfast meetings with renowned personalities from the world of politics and economy. A membership in SPCC offers not only networking opportunities with an elite group of high-performing managers of Nordic companies, but is also a way of finding inspiration for everyone who would like to expand their own business.

A fruitful cooperation between Greencarrier and SPCC

“We appreciate our cooperation with Greencarrier very much. The company became a SPCC Patron a few years ago and is an active member of our association”, says Carsten Nilsen, SPCC Chairman. “Many of SPCC’s events and projects are created and developed together with the members and our cooperation with Greencarrier is very close in that respect”, says Agnieszka Kowalcze, SPCC Director. Greencarrier is the main partner of the SPCC Family Sports Picnic, which is organised by the Chamber every year and gathers more than 500 participants. There is always something interesting and exciting happening at the Greencarrier stand during the picnic. This year it was a family run”, says Agnieszka Kowalcze.
This year we will also be a partner of the St. Lucia Celebrations organised by the SPCC Swedish National Section in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Poland, which we are looking forward to!

If you have any questions about our cooperation with SPCC, don’t hesitate to contact me.

And if you enjoy reading this blog and simply would like to connect with like-minded individuals or experts in the logistics and transport business, please visit us on our social media channels.

/ Grazyna Grzeskiewicz, Greencarrier Freight Services Poland


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