Matching spirits: Why we are proud to sponsor triathlete Maja Stage Nielsen

“Yes, it’s possible!” That is the essence of our corporate mindset, our company vision and the attitude we have towards our customers.

“Yes, it’s possible!” That is the essence of our corporate mindset, our company vision and the attitude we have towards our customers. It is also one of the main principles motivating Maja Stage Nielsen, a Danish triathlete who you can expect to hear a lot more about in the future – both on the Greencarrier website and elsewhere.

Discovering our shared mindset

Maja Stage Nielsen has completed three Ironman triathlons, all with stellar results. Prior to Ironman, she competed in Duathlon and Half Ironman, winning the European silver and European bronze respectively. Her current goal is to become one of the top three female athletes at Ironman Hawaii. “Ironman World Championship Hawaii is the most legendary race in the sport of triathlon, and it is an honour to be a part of it. It is the one race where all the very best athletes meet and race each other for the world title”, she says.

Maja’s first contact with Greencarrier came as she was helping the company’s Danish team during their participation in the Triathlon challenge in Fredericia, Denmark in September of 2017. She realized that the values of the company were very much in line with her own. “I like to represent and work with someone who is passionate. It does not have to be related to sports, I find people and companies interesting when they put their heart into their work. Without the mindset “Yes, it’s possible!”, I would not be where I am today. You absolutely need to believe in what you are doing, when you are an athlete. You need to be good at seeing possibilities instead of limitations, and enjoy the process as well.”

Supporting the ideas we believe in

At Greencarrier, we always strive to be a proud sponsor and seek partnerships that match our company’s values and mindset. With Maja, that is easy.

In sponsoring Maja, it also gives us an opportunity to show both our employees and customers that we think health and exercise are important parts of our lives, together with the right mindset. In addition to this, Maja’s personal mantra, that “a happy athlete is a good athlete” aligns well with our belief that a happy colleague is a good colleague – motivated for involvement and commitment.

Make sure to keep up to date with that, and feel free to read other interesting articles on our Greencarrier blog!

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