New Generation of Greener Evergreen Vessels

By Minna Ruisaho, 1 April 2015

How will the maritime industry successfully address the environmental issues? That’s one important question that Evergreen Line asks themselves and other companies in the industry. Being a transportation company means that we naturally have an impact on the environment, therefore we must be extra careful to consider the advantages of new technology and see the possibilities opened up by our global economy.


For Evergreen Line the environment is a top priority and we would like to share some of the latest environmental features of the new generation of vessel that Evergreen Line has invested in.

Already in 2003 Evergreen aimed to take a leadership position in innovative vessel design with its S-type “Greenships”, meeting the green policies of governments and also from customers asking for green solutions for their transportation.

Recently Evergreen Line signed a charter agreement of eleven 18,000 TEU vessels, even more optimized for environmental protection. The vessels are planned to be delivered from 2018 through 2019. These ultra large ships are equipped with the latest and the most advanced shipbuilding technology to ensure environmental protection. The ships measurements are about 400 meters in length and about 59 meters wide.

Optimized Hull Form with High Efficient Propulsion System

The vessel will have optimized hull form with high efficient propulsion system to improve the energy utilization and reduce the fuel consumption and emission pollutions. They are also designed to have larger depth to strengthen hull structure and navigation safety.

Eco-friendly criteria

In line with the stringent eco-friendly criteria that Evergreen has carried out on its own operation, the ships are equipped with various environmental protection devices that comply with the regulations of international maritime agencies.

  • Ship-to-shore real time data transmission system is introduced to enable operation departments on land to monitor navigation statistics and weather condition. In this way operational staff can analyse the data and take action for speed optimization and route planning at sea.
  • The capabilities can lower fuel consumption and enhance navigation safety.
  • The ship’s new generation G-type main engine is developed with a longer stroke to operate at lower speeds in order to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission up to 7% than traditional main engines.

Priority for the environment

As agent for Evergreen Line we’re looking forward to the arrival of the new vessels, to see the new features and innovations of the ship design. We are glad that we together with Evergreen can offer some greener options of transportation and we are continuously working on finding green and innovative solutions for our customers and their transportations.

If you enjoyed reading this blog article, please leave a comment in the field below. Do you have questions about Greencarrier Liner Agency and Evergreen services and environmental actions, don’t hesitate to contact me or visit our website.

/Minna Ruisaho, Greencarrier Liner Agency

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