Reducing emission with new eco-friendlier trucks in the UK

By Adam Gaunt, 10 September 2014

Sustainable logistics is not about stopping transports. It’s about managing the flow of goods in a smarter way! This requires knowledge, planning and the right equipment. One step of getting closer to sustainable logistics is our new fleet of eco-friendlier trucks in the UK.


A solution where sustainability drives efficiency

Last year Greencarrier UK’s 18 trucks travelled 1,157,337 miles using 500,000 litres of fuel at a cost of almost £600,000. We need to distribute and collect cargo across the UK, and we had to look at how we could reduce our ecological footprint in order to stay competitive in the market.

At the same time we wanted to find a sustainable solution for the environment, taking responsibility for the world we live – and travel – in. We thought there must be a way for sustainable logistics and profitability to go together. As our customers care about the environment as much as we do, we wanted a win-win scenario for all parts involved.

Eco-friendlier trucks improving fuel efficiency, reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Recently we launched our new fleet of eco-friendlier trucks with new technological advancements. The new trucks run on Euro 5 emission engines, and later this year we will receive our first Euro 6 truck.

Euro 5 and 6 are EU standards for decreased emission within the EU. All new trucks are fitted with air deflector kits for the purpose of reducing drag which in turn improves fuel efficiency reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The new Euro 6 is the most sophisticated and energy-efficient truck on the road today.

Telematics system to monitor and control driver behaviour

With this new investment the majority of our fleet is now on a telematics system which enables us to monitor and control driver behaviour. The telematics system dramatically improves the key areas shown below:

Reduced time idle <5%
Driving within economy >70%
Cruise control usage >50%
Engine load time <5%

By setting the above standards it allows us as a company to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions across our fleet.

Education in green driving and consolidation to reduce empty miles

All our drivers are CPC certified, which is a European recognised accreditation that includes a module for safe and efficient driving behaviour. This improves and reduces our environmental impact. Our transport department works hard to consolidate cargo deliveries and collections within the same area. This enables us to eliminate as many empty miles driven as possible.

If you would like to know more about our new eco-friendly trucks and technological advancements, feel free to contact me! You can also read more about how we take responsibility for the environment or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram to get more news and updates.

/Adam Gaunt, Greencarrier Freight Services

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