Road freight service to and from the UK and Sweden: 5 tips on how to find an expert

Are you looking for an expert in road freight service to and from the UK and Sweden? There are many freight forwarders out there, but it is not so easy to find a real expert.

Are you looking for an expert in road freight service to and from the UK and Sweden? There are many freight forwarders out there, but it is not so easy to find a real expert. Cost will always play an important part, but there are also other factors that are equally important for the majority of goods owners. In this blog post, I will share my view on road freight service, and provide 5 tips on how to find an expert.

1. Knowledge and experience of the transport and logistics market is key

As the Traffic & Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland at Greencarrier Freight Services, I have been travelling quite a lot in these countries. Over the years, I have gotten to know the needs of the markets well, and how they differ depending on the country. I know the importance of truly understanding the specific situation in a country to be able to provide a customer with the best transport solution.

In England, for example, there is not only a growing interest but also a future necessity to focus more on sustainable transport solutions. Today, England is struggling with heavy traffic and its negative impact on the environment, especially in the larger cities such as London. Not having the right equipment means that you are not allowed to enter the city of London, leaving you with no choice but losing your competitiveness against other freight forwarders.

The regulatory landscape in England is changing, and environmental rules and requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. The authorities are approaching the transport and logistics industry through higher demands on transport documentation. Consequently, freight forwarders need to be better equipped for driving in the larger cities and find transport solutions that support a more eco-friendly environment, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Hopefully, it is only a matter of time until more countries are picking up on this positive trend. To get the best possible road freight service, my advice is to look for a freight forwarder that has great knowledge and vast experience of the markets in which they operate, and are up to date with the existing rules and regulations in each country.

2. Focusing on the environment is a win-win for all parties involved

While we are still at it, let me emphasise how important it actually is to have an environmental focus when operating in the transport and logistics industry. You may have heard that sustainable transportation equals less efficient transportation. This is a common misconception, and not true at all. On the contrary, sustainable transportation is about managing the flow of goods in a smarter way to find sustainable solutions that drive efficiency. Naturally, this requires knowledge, planning and the right equipment.

When you are looking for an expert in road freight service to and from the UK and Sweden, you should look for one that operates with a fleet of eco-friendly trucks that have engines based on EU standards for decreased emissions. Also, make sure the drivers are CPC certified. Because if they are, it means they follow the European recognised accreditation, which allows for safer and more efficient driving behaviour as well as reduced negative impact on the environment.

Altogether, the freight forwarder will have your goods delivered in a fast and eco-friendly manner, while the environment remains preserved – making everyone winners in the end.

3. Outsourcing storage and distribution for a more efficient logistics flow

Looking at storage and distribution in the transport and logistics industry, there is a great need among goods owners to reduce lag times between selling stock and new orders arriving. There are freight forwarders that offer storage and distribution as a service, but not many that actually operate their own storage and distribution centres.

The advantages of using a freight forwarder that operates their own storage and distribution centres, is that they can take care of your warehousing and order processing, making sure your goods are restocked as soon as they sell, and even carry out sales orders directly from their distribution centres. This may also include related services such as quality control checks, pick and pack, assembling and labelling before distributing your goods to the end destination.

If you manufacture your goods in Sweden but sell them in England, for example, moving your storage from Sweden to England, also means bringing the goods closer to your customers. The advantages are reduced costs, shorter lead times and a smoother and more efficient logistics flow – which is why you should look for a freight forwarder that has its own storage and distribution centres in the countries where your customers are present.

4. Daily departures and the possibility to choose from FTL, LTL or PTL

As well as the needs of the markets differ depending on the country, no customer is the same, and every company has its own needs and challenges. Sometimes you might have larger volumes of goods and need a Full Truck Load (FTL) service. Other times you have smaller volumes of goods and a Less than Truck Load (LTL) service is more suitable. For direct and large shipments, you may prefer a Partial Truck Load (PTL) service, and so on. Also, the more departures the freight forwarder can offer to and from the UK and Sweden, the greater the flexibility of getting your goods shipped off whenever you prefer.

Make sure your freight forwarder is able to provide you with transport solutions that best suit your company’s specific needs. Simply look for a freight forwarder that offers a wide range of road freight services, and, preferably, with daily departures.

5. Own-operated road freight service based on smart technology

As you probably already know, on-time deliveries and short lead times will never go out of trend, or become less important, in terms of shipping. There is also the digital trend and the use of smart technology that will only grow stronger in the years to come. More goods owners are looking to simplify their administrative procedures to save valuable time and money. Today, cargo tracking and EDI communication are vital tools for the majority of goods owners.

When looking for an expert in road freight service to and from the UK and Sweden, keep an eye out for a freight forwarder that operates its own road freight service. This means that they have full control over the entire goods flow and don’t depend on any other part to make sure your goods are transported within the given timeframe and delivered on time. Also, make sure smart technical solutions are on top of the freight forwarder’s agenda to know exactly where your cargo is at all times, and maintain a peaceful mind.

The expert in road freight service to and from the UK and Sweden

At Greencarrier Freight Services, we have been providing road freight service to and from the UK and Sweden for decades. Our transport solutions are built on vast experience, extensive knowledge and close collaboration with our customers. We are very proud to offer the most energy-efficient trucking solution on the road today. We operate our own fleet of trucks as well as distribution centres. We offer daily departures to and from the UK and Sweden and provide our customers with a wide range of road services including our own Cargo Tracking & E Solution Tool.

I hope my blog post was helpful and gave you a few ideas on how to find your expert. Regardless of whether you have questions about road freight in general or our service, in particular, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help!

UK/Ireland Traffic Manager & Sales Manager UK/Ireland

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