The first automated container inspection system in the world

By Julia Rahula, 12 March 2015

In 2014 Transiidikeskuse, the company that operates Muuga container terminal in Tallinn, became the first container terminal in the world with a completely automated and electronic container inspection system which scans all entering and outgoing containers that pass through the terminal in Muuga. This system is an excellent way of how modern technology can help us achieve more efficient transport solutions, let us tell you why!


The system detects any possible damage or defect on the cargo, which is reported into a stock keeping program also available to customers where they can follow their containers and its movements.

Efficient and easy for customers to get information about their cargo

This benefits our customers by being time-saving, meaning you need to spend less time for handling cargo, and for tracking and distribution. In case of container damages it also means that there will be fewer disputes with the container owners about the time and cause for the damages. We can already see the benefits of the system since our customers have less claims and complaints. They can easily monitor their cargo and track any possible damage. Compared to some other terminals using a person on the pier, inspecting the cargo, this system is way more secure, reliable and faster. It is also good just because it does not require human power and thus it will reduce the risk of injuries in the port.

Faster handling process for customs clearance

It’s not only containers arriving with vessels that go through the scanning process, it’s all containers from different modes of transportation. Transiidikeskuse scans containers on trucks and trains in order to make a more efficient and faster handling processes for customs clearance, especially for container trains to Moscow or Central Asian countries.

Customers can control their goods through an information system

The terminal was also the first to implement a loading scheme, called VISY, with the advanced computer programmes RTG and Shuttle Carrier, for exchange of data with their customers. This means that customers can control re-loading equipment, positioning of containers and cooperate with customs via this system. They can also monitor the balance of their goods in the port warehouse and send direct orders of loading or unloading in the system.

In the forefront of technical solutions

Greencarrier in Estonia handles around 13 000 TEU each year via Muuga and all of them passes through the system each time they arrive or leave. For us at Greencarrier it’s important to keep up with new innovative solutions in order to be able to provide smart and efficient transport solutions to our customers. The automated container inspection system in Muuga will help us realize this and enable us to provide more efficient and reliable transport services.

See the movie about TK’s new scanning system here:

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