“The most important job in HR is done behind the scenes”

Greta Salimovaite, one of Greencarrier Group’s Human Resource Generalists, who is truly passionate about people and keeping that Greencarrier spirit up!

She believes that people are key to a successful business, does not hesitate to walk an extra mile for her colleagues, and dreams about sailing on her own yacht one day. Meet Greta Salimovaite, one of Greencarrier Group’s Human Resource Generalists, who is truly passionate about people and keeping that Greencarrier spirit up!

Hi, Greta! How would you describe your role as a Human Resources Generalist at Greencarrier?

In my opinion, a Human Resource Generalist has a very important role in a company and I am very proud to be a part or the Greencarrier Group’s Human Resource team. I believe, for any company, that the people are key to a successful business. As a Human Resource Generalist, you have a great responsibility as your job revolves around the employees – making them enjoy their work and stay efficient. There are situations where I have to communicate with people directly, but the most important job is done behind the scenes.

It sounds like you are truly passionate about people, am I right?

Yes, I really believe that I can make a positive difference for my colleagues, and this is the way I contribute to our business goals. I love finding solutions to problems and sharing my knowledge with other people. When I get a chance to support others and really make a difference, I feel the most passionate about my job.

That is just lovely. What about challenges in your job?

Well, the most important part of my job is to truly listen to other people. This makes the main challenge being able to look at a situation from many different angles and understand different implications for each side – and then stay neutral when making decisions.

What is the most exciting about working for a company operating in the shipping industry?

The Greencarrier Group is an international company that is all about its people. The way we do business is based on our Greencarrier Spirit and “Yes it’s possible” mindset. The shipping industry is very exciting as it always brings us new possibilities and opportunities as well as interesting challenges. What I love the most is Greencarrier Group’s commitment and persistence to always keep improving – at all times and in all areas.

How do you implement that Greencarrier Spirit in your day-to-day job?

I think most of our employees would say the same thing: It comes naturally to us! We try to always stay positive, solve problems, and we do not hesitate to walk that extra mile for our colleagues as well as customers. We like to get involved in new projects and events and never forget to have fun at work!

So, what do you do for fun outside of office hours?

I love travelling, trying and learning new things, and spending quality time with my family and friends. For the last two years, I have been studying jewellery making outside of work, which I enjoy a lot. And this summer, I went sailing for the first time. I completely fell in love with it, so now I am dreaming about my own future yacht!

It was really nice chatting to you, Greta. Keep spreading that positive vibe of yours!

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