The value of human interaction for greener and more innovative transport solutions

By The Blogging Crew, 23 October 2015

In today’s society, generally we do not prioritise physical meetings where we discuss things face-to-face, share experiences and knowledge, and have a cultural exchange. Instead, the communication is all about efficiency; we should be as efficient as we can, taking on as much information as possible, in as little time as possible. To me, this is not the way to go. We need to find a structural way of meeting, so that when we meet, we are allowed to be creative and spontaneous. Because in that moment, energy and innovation becomes the reality.

Involvement is the greatest source for energy

During Greencarrier’s fifteen-year jubilee, which was recently celebrated in Shanghai, the physical meetings have been the number one source of energy and creativity. Watching our colleagues meet, mingle and get to know each other is delightful. Listening, learning and exchanging knowledge has created a strong sense of involvement – which is, just like an old friend of mine once told me, the greatest source for energy and development. I believe this is so true and valuable, yet underutilised – both for us as individuals, as well as a company.

We will create new environmental friendly transport solutions

We all know that transportation has a significant impact on the environment. This is why it is especially important to think green when being part of the industry. One can always choose to try to find the best transport solutions possible for our planet. The transportation itself can perhaps rely on techniques, systems and connectivity, but when it comes to innovation, the picture is different. Innovation takes place when people meet and we are allowed to interact. Together, across cultures and with different experiences, we are now bringing new thoughts and ideas to the table, to create new innovative and environmental friendly transport solutions. We want to contribute to a greener planet and be part of the end result.

Small does not mean less good, but more dynamic, flexible and competitive

Early one morning, during the celebration days in Shanghai, as we are taking a stroll down the Bund, the famous waterfront area, we reflect on what we see around us. The view is breathtaking. The lack of clouds in the sky is telling us that today there is a low level of residues in the air. A steady stream of cargo ships is passing by on Huangpu River, Shanghai, which is the world’s largest port for imports and exports. We are heading to a breakfast meeting, organised in cooperation with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Once again, we are about to get energised through fruitful discussions about how we can create greener, smarter and innovative transport solutions to and from China, and at the same time stay competitive in the market. When it is time to walk back alongside Yellow River after the meeting, we conclude that being a small company in a large market does not mean that we are less good, but more dynamic, flexible and competitive.

The value of human interaction – better results for our planet and customers

I am convinced that all of the meetings we have had during the past days in Shanghai will contribute to good results for our planet, as well as our customers. The challenges that lingers on the horizon are much easier to meet if we have made good decisions together. When returning to our daily business, that is the great feeling we capture and take with us – especially for days when the clouds in the sky are just a bit heavier.


/Christina Thulin, Greencarrier AB

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