Top 8 advantages of air freight

By René Fjord, 14 April 2014

There are different modes of transport, and each mode has its own benefits and drawbacks. Air freight is often used for high value and low volume shipments, as you might already know. But what are the other (common) reasons for using air freight?

1. The fastest shipping method

When your goods need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution compared to sea freight or road transport, no doubt about it (after space travel, that is).

2. Highly reliable arrival and departure times

The arrival and departure times of flights are highly reliable, as airlines tend to be very on top of their schedules. Even missing a flight wouldn’t cause much delay as there are usually flights departing every hour.

3. Send your cargo almost anywhere

Many airlines have a large network of destinations that covers almost the entire world. This means that you can send the shipment to nearly every destination.

4. Low insurance premium means large savings

As the transportation time for air cargo is comparatively short, the insurance premium is lower. Even if air freight can be expensive, this brings about savings in terms of lower insurance costs.

5. High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage

Shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed. Tightly managed airport controls also reduce the cargo exposure to theft and damage.

6. Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock

With the quicker transit times of air freight, you have less need for local warehousing and do not need to keep items in stock. Customs clearance, cargo inspection and cargo handlers are more efficient, as most cargo is cleared within a matter of hours.

7. Less packaging required

Normally, air shipments require less heavy packing than for example ocean shipments. This means that you save both time and money to provide service for additional packing.

8. Follow the status of your cargo

Many companies give you the opportunity to track your goods using a web application, which means you can monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival to keep constantly updated.

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56 thoughts on Top 8 advantages of air freight

  1. Very well written. The air cargo industry has already started contributing majorly towards globalisation. Its a booming industry of the century.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Glad you enjoyed our blog post 🙂

  2. Investing in an air freight forwarder could really save you a lot. The handling of documentation for import/export is a major plus.

    1. That is another interesting aspect of the advantages of air freight. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  3. I hadn’t thought about the level of security an air shipment service provides. Maybe I’ll consider using air freight the next time I ship.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jack. Glad we could contribute with our knowledge 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment, Monica. We feel it’s important to write about different subjects and share different perspectives on our blog 🙂

  4. Great stuff but could be extended just a bit. Maybe talk about the max dimensions, the paperwork, and requirements.

    1. Thank you for your input. Perhaps we’ll write about that in a future blog post 🙂

  5. I appreciate the information on the advantages of air freight. I never really thought of air freight as an increased level of security and a lower level of security risk, although this makes sense. This is a great list of reasons why air freight works so well, I will be sure to keep it in mind.

    1. Ben Allen, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Glad you enjoyed our blog post 🙂

  6. Nice information. Thanks for sharing. Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation and the most reliable method.

  7. Thank you for the information on the benefits of using air freight for shipping cargo. I think that it’s important for the cargo to get to the destination on time, but also maintain high-level security with tightly managed cargo. With a smaller chance of theft, the cargo can safely travel to its destination without incident. I will have to keep this in mind if I ever need to look for freight shipping for my cargo.

  8. Found your blog. Its really nice and I appreciate your article. Thanks for sharing all that important information.

  9. Completely agree with the article, because seemingly air freight services is ostensibly observing an outstanding boom all across the world and businesses are finding air services as a vital resource to transport their products across various nations with speed.

  10. Thanks for the info. One question, is the difference between air shipping and maritime shipping big? The price range?

  11. Really nice content. But air freight still has some disadvantages. Wish there would be another post mentioning the trend in developing air transportation.

  12. Best article and I am sure that it will help people who are looking for cargo and logistics solutions.

  13. Air freight shipping can be very useful in shipping the consignment. It is the fastest moving way of transport but at the same time, it might turn to be very expensive.

  14. Found this article to be the most informative. It will further enhance the chance for me to take my air cargo to another level.

  15. It is the fastest shipping method. Highly reliable arrival and departure times. Low insurance premium means large savings. High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage.

  16. Great information. Trying Air freight for shipping your consignment is always worth the try as you can ship your consignment anywhere in the world. The best about this is that it comes with a low insurance premium that means you’re saving a lot of money.

  17. Thank you for distributing excellent information on air freight. I am impressed with your work and skill.

  18. This article is extremely remarkable, especially since I was browsing for thoughts on this topic last Sunday. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks for sharing this informative post about air freight. It is nice to highlight the importance of freight transportation through air.

  20. I like your tips about air transport being less packaged than others. That makes sense considering freight on a train is more susceptible to bumps and crashes. I’ll have to consider your tips if I ever work with cargo.

  21. I agree that it is faster when you choose air freight even though it is not that cheap. This is their advantage as well that sea freight.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Andrew. Yes, air freight is for sure the fastest mode of transport compared to all other shipping alternatives.

  22. It’s interesting that air freight can be so beneficial. It makes sense that it would be the fastest shipping method! There’s not really a faster method than using planes.

  23. Great information. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us. Very informative!

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