Why it’s important for Greencarrier to offer internships

In order to stay innovative and modern, a big exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences are important preconditions for development.

In order to stay innovative and modern, a big exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences are important preconditions for development. Each year, we offer college students the opportunity to have their internship at our company. For us, it is important that the internship has a long term perspective and offers a common knowledge exchange between the individual and Greencarrier. 

An internship at Greencarrier should be a win-win situation

When we search for new employees to join us, the most important thing for us is to find the right person; a skilled person with the right mindset and values that is compliant with ours. This of course also applies when we recruit for internships. We live by the core values involvement, commitment, humour and joy. Focusing on these common values helps us to improve the cooperation and communication between employees, offices and different countries. Besides, it helps us to trust each other and it creates a working environment where you can be yourself.

During our internships, we get the opportunity to get to know the individual and can see if there is a match regarding mindset and values. To achieve satisfaction with the internship, this match is equally important for us as a company as well as for the trainee.

Fresh perspectives and up to date

By offering internships, we often see the big benefit that they help us stay up to date and offer fresh perspectives and ideas for our business. Trainees are good at questioning processes and can often see a different way of doing things, and they dare to challenge “the way we have always done it”. The technology aspect is also important to keep in mind. Social media, business systems and programs are often easy to handle for young professionals.

Long term focus and future possibilities at Greencarrier

In everything we do at Greencarrier, we always have the ambition to think long-term. This is applicable also when it comes to internships and we put a lot of time and effort to find the right candidates. Factors such as attitude, skills and suitability for the job are essential.

You never know whether an internship leads to a full time employment or not. Our goal is always to make the internship as successful as possible, meaning that the trainee will gain professional knowledge, a new network and an insight in our industry. Hopefully, this gives us a new brand advocate that will tell others about their positive experiences of Greencarrier as an employer.

When internships lead to full time employments

We have a lot of success cases when internships have led to summer jobs or full time employments. One of our employees, Nina Calvo, started her journey at Greencarrier in 2013 whilst studying Logistics and Freight Forwarding. She started her internship at the Ocean Freight Import department and combines with the Ocean Freight Export department. During her last semester she also worked extra hours at the Road department for the UK. When she graduated in 2014, she was offered a full time position within traffic planning our trailers exporting goods to the UK. She is still with us, and since 2017 she has the responsibility for two large client accounts at the Ocean Freight Import Department for Greencarrier Freight Services Sweden.

– There are many benefits with starting out with an internship, as it gives one a good insight in the work as a freight forwarder and how the business functions. Internships can lead to the opportunity to cover during summer holidays. Many times you get a greater and faster chance to build a good foundation of knowledge and experience. It can also lead to a more permanent job when school finishes, as you build the confidence to pursue a career within the freight forwarding business, says Nina Calvo.

Nina continues:

– My best advice is to make sure that you during the internship really take the chance to understand the business properly and gain as much knowledge of the work flow as possible. Not forgetting to have fun during this time as well. My internship gave me the opportunity to a great job I really enjoy!

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