Why you can feel confident leaving customs clearance to us

Global trade is challenging in many ways, not least when it comes to customs clearance. Smart customs solutions are not only about getting your goods through customs fast...

Global trade is challenging in many ways, not least when it comes to customs clearance. Smart customs solutions are not only about getting your goods through customs fast and easy. It’s about looking at, and understanding, the bigger picture.

The qualifications of a reliable customs partner

In a world of rigid processes, fixed networks and strict demands it’s not unusual that the needs of logistics and transport companies have to fit a template. In addition, the international trade and compliance landscape is rapidly changing.

Looking for a partner, you should identify one that develops customised solutions based on your company’s needs; a knowledgeable guide to smooth and efficient customs solutions, rather than one that tries to fit your company’s needs into those rigid systems. Your partner should be an expert who understands the local rules and regulations as well as the challenges of global business. Efficient customs solutions are often sprung from years of experience and the willingness to put both mind and money to it.

So, what makes us qualified of taking care of customs clearance for your business?

Looking at and understanding the bigger picture of customs

As a comprehensive logistics and transport company, we have the ability to look at customs from a larger perspective. With us you can discuss not only customs, but also logistics. Only with an overall perspective and integrated approach it’s possible to create smart customs solutions. Here’s an example:

Assume that you’re a Swedish company that has your products made in China and your customers are in Japan. A myopic customs partner would probably offer you fast and cheap import clearance to Sweden and export clearance to Japan. There’s nothing wrong with the solution – except there are more flexible, efficient and smart options. What we would do differently in this case, is offering you a warehouse solution in Asia. This way you wouldn’t have to clear your goods in Sweden at all. Consequently, by looking at and understanding the bigger picture of logistics we can offer you smarter customised solutions.

Vast experience of customs clearance and warehousing

Wise decisions are based on experience – which is something we do have a lot of. Many transport agents offer advanced customs services such as smooth warehousing solutions. But how many of these agents have the capacity and experience to guide their customers all the way to a successful operation? Throughout the years, we’ve helped a large number of satisfied customers to smart and efficient customs solutions based on current customs requirements.

Knowing the pitfalls along the way to smart and efficient customs solutions

There are many pitfalls along the way to smart and efficient customs solutions. But we’ve walked these paths many times and know them well. We carefully navigate your company using projects tools that have been refined over many years and are proven in battle. The process includes pre-studies, calculations, application processes, project plans and IT knowledge as well as training and cost accounting.

Doing the math for you, providing the best solution for your company

Smart customs services can mean large savings for you company, but are never for free of course. However, as our customer, we always provide you with the facts without any additional charges. With a customer-focused mindset we look into what’s best for your business. Based on our vast experience and know-how, we can analyse your specific situation finding out which solution is the most cost effective for your company. If there are any doubts we’ll let you know at an early stage. So, why not check with us first, before investing your time and money?

Local presence and the willingness to invest

Sometimes smart customs solutions require investments from both sides; you and your customs partner. We have the willingness to invest in your project and the ability to make quick decisions. On top of that we have a widespread local presence which enables us to meet our customers often, and really get to know them. This altogether means that you’ll never have to worry about project delays due to limited external investment budgets, global policies or business management in a distant land.

Simply put – choose your customs partner wisely! If you’d like to know more about Greencarrier and our customs solutions do not hesitate to contact me! Also visit us on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

/ Marcus Meijerbom, Customs Manager Freight Services


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