Working for a sustainable future with WWF and H&M

By The Blogging Crew, 30 June 2016

Acting in a sustainable way is one of the most important things for us at Greencarrier. Recently, our office in China participated in a CSR event together with H&M and WWF to share our knowledge about sustainability. The event was organised by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and held in Kathleen’s Waitan on the North Bund of Shanghai. The view over the Huangpu River was beautiful – and a reminder of how important nature is for our planet to continue to exist.


Working to reducing water pollution in rural China

WWF (The World Wildlife Fund) shared information about their cooperations with organisations and what they do to reduce the water pollution in rural China and achieve environmental goals.

Sustainable transportation solutions should lead the way forward

Mikael Forsberg, our Chief Commercial Officer of Greencarrier Freight Services in Sweden, gave a speech about the our CSR work and what we do to protect the environment. He talked about the global environmental impact of transportation, our own sustainable transportation solutions, environmental strategies and objectives as well as our aim to reduce the environmental impact of our transport solutions by 20 percent in 2017. During the event, we also shared our booklets about our environmental work and Green Office Concept.

Case study on water risk mitigation in China

H&M’s (Hennes & Mauritz) provided first-hand experience and knowledge of working with sustainability and water stewardship in today’s market. H&M’s speech was about their global partnership with WWF and included a case study on their water risk mitigation in China, covering their water stewardship journey in the country.

Important questions resulted in fruitful discussions

Around twenty guests from Greencarrier Freight Services in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Qingdao joined the event together with guests from companies such as NCC, LKAB, Gina Tricot and HSF. All the guests were very pleased with the event and interesting seminar. Important questions were raised that resulted in fruitful discussions.

How do you contribute to a more sustainable future?

In today’s market, there is a growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible and sustainable products, which reflects an increasing need for companies to join the “green movement”. How important is sustainability to your company? What do you do to contribute to a more sustainable future? Let me know in the comments below!

If you would like to know more about our CSR work and how we protect the environment, please visit our website. To never miss out on a blog post, follow us on Facebook!

/Sofia Schultz Greencarrier Freight Services

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