“You have to understand all aspects of logistics to provide sustainable solutions”

Meet Karen Berg, Strategic Sales Manager at Greencarrier Freight Services in Denmark who believes in smart logistics.

Rooted and raised in Australia, she is a people person with a passion for travelling that believes mutual trust, laughter, and being able to walk the talk is key to successful customer relationships. Meet Karen Berg, Strategic Sales Manager at Greencarrier Freight Services in Denmark and a Green Ambassador who believes in smart logistics.

Hi, Karen! You are the Strategic Sales Manager at Greencarrier Freight Services. Tell me about your role?

In my role as Strategic Sales Manager, I am strategically responsible for existing as well as new customer accounts. Key is to develop and extend our green and smart customer solutions based on our products and linked to our views on logistics, sustainability, and supply chain management.

In addition to being top of mind for sustainable logistics, my job involves creating the best possible logistics solutions for our customers. This is extremely important and means integrating our knowledge around the various means of transport in door-to-door solutions covering all aspects of the supply chain.

On top of having profound logistics knowledge, it involves the ability to see where our customers are heading and what is important for them, and also challenge their current setup with new ideas of how to move forward. This also brings sustainability to the table: How can we help our customers in their processes of moving towards a more sustainable supply chain? Greencarrier has a large knowledge bank around this, which, to me, is a great inspiration in my role as Strategic Sales Manager.

Knowledge truly is an asset. What is key to a successful customer relationship, in your opinion?

That is a really good question. Experience tells me the main factors are: Trying to really understand the customer, mutual trust, knowledge, being able to walk the talk and have patience, forgiveness, and the ability to laugh together. Because without an understanding of all aspects of logistics and the stakeholders involved, it is difficult to provide sustainable logistics solutions.

What is good logistics and do you have any advice for those who need help with planning their transports?

Good logistics is when the cargo is in a perfect flow. In this equation, all stakeholders are aligned to create the perfect progress and avoid unnecessary costs, and not least provide a seamless experience. My advice for those who need help with planning their transports is to choose a supplier that assists you by seeing things from a different perspective and understands the flow of logistics.

Sustainability is a top priority for Greencarrier!

The logistics industry is unfavourable for the climate as it stands today. Transportation is a large contributor to global CO2 emissions. It represents almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is the main cause of air pollution in cities. However, transportation also enables global trade and brings people together. And that is not likely to stop. The challenge is: How can we make transportation smarter and more sustainable? 

On another note, what part of your job is the most fun?

I am a people person. My passion is to understand what other people see and get them to understand what I see: Talking to people and getting “under their skin” to discover who they are and how can I can help them provide the highest level of value in their work role. Let me at the same time mention working together with my talented and hardworking colleagues. This is something I really enjoy, and the team spirit at Greencarrier Freight Services is great!

Lastly, what do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love gathering our children, family and friends for dinner. I love to cook and watch people socialize and have long conversations about everything and nothing. I also really appreciate travelling. I was brought up in Australia, where my family and I lived for eight years. So, experiencing and understanding other cultures is important to me. To understand as much as possible when I travel, it has been crucial for me to learn languages. Apart from English, I also speak German and French.

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your knowledge, insights and life experiences with us. Did you find this interview interesting? Visit our blog for more blog posts like this.

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