5 benefits of using e-carrier to manage shipments and logistics

How can you benefit from using e-carrier when managing your shipments and logistics?

The fast development of digitalisation drastically keeps changing the needs and requirements of information. Today, we expect to have access to information, products and services anywhere via computers, web portals and different kinds of devices. This creates brand new business opportunities. Greencarrier Freight Services’ E-solution called e-carrier can help centralise information and make your business operations more efficient.

1. Peace of mind and easier planning of shipments

Being able to track your cargo in e-carrier from start to final destination is beneficial for a number of reasons. Having instant access to information about your shipment makes it easier for you to plan and make a decision regarding connecting transports and deliveries. That way, you can make appropriate alternative arrangements to minimise inconveniences and delays. Thereby, cargo tracking in e-carrier also makes for a smoother cooperation between you and other actors in the supply chain.

2. Save time with web booking of your transport

Web booking is a common feature of E-solutions used in the transport industry. If you know what, when and how you want to ship your goods, you can just as well enter this information yourself straight into the web booking system. Skipping the email conversations with the carrier will save you a lot of time and secure data quality. Either you book your shipment with e-carrier or with your own E-solution, using EDI communication with us to automatically transfer the data as soon as you enter it.   

3. Improved workflow with a document management system

Using e-carrier and its document management system when handling your shipment offers the advantage of a high level of structure. By uploading the associated documents to a specific shipment, they are right at hand whenever needed for all parties involved.

4. Direct access to statistics and reports

Companies often need detailed reports regarding collected data on their shipments. For example, reports that include statistics of shipment volumes, punctuality of transports and emissions by different modes of transport. Our emission tool is in the forefront within the transport industry and can provide you with emission figures down to shipment level. You can whenever you want download emission reports. It is valuable to be able to generate and access the reports instantly by yourself instead of needing to send a request to the carrier to generate them for you. E-carrier offers the possibility to create and save setups for fully customised reports that only include the statistics you are interested in.

5. Inventory overview and optimised order management

Market changes bring both possibilities and challenges to the table. Therefore, structure, automation and overview are becoming essential aspects of every business to keep all operations on track and eliminate errors in the order processing. We save time in your daily work. The order management system (OMS) in e-carrier is functioning as a platform centralising all of your orders received from multiple sources. Also, the system lets you insert, monitor and search for orders to make planning of transports easier.

At Greencarrier Freight Services, we have been offering customers our E-solution, e-carrier, for many years and we recently made an upgrade of our platform to add even more value to it. Purchase orders can be registered through EDI transmission, manual registration or uploaded in Excel files on e-carrier by us. We can monitor your purchase orders with Customs article No, Commodity and Carriers Ref.

A dedicated team develops our E-solution and customised integrations

Many of our customers already have their own Transport Management System (TMS), or similar, that they use to book and manage their shipments. Therefore, we have a dedicated team building customised solutions and integrations that are adaptable to our customers’ own systems. That way, you can continue to work in your regular system and still experience the benefits of e-carriers’ functions of online booking and order management. It is important for us to stay at the forefront in the transport industry and we are continuously working on developing e-carrier based on the needs of our customers!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog article! Do you have further questions regarding e-carrier? Feel free to contact me. Also, visit Greencarrier Freight Services’ Knowledge Center for other interesting blog articles.

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