Smooth sailing – 30 years of shipping malt across the globe for Fuglsang

Smooth sailing: 30 years of shipping malt across the globe for Fuglsang

By Morten Quist Andersen, 16 May 2023

Get ready to raise a glass to the incredible journey of Fuglsang’s malt. For over 30 years, we have handled the containerised shipments of malt across the globe for Fuglsang, exporting a whopping 124.000 tonnes of this golden grain each year. But this isn’t just any old shipment – this is the result of five generations of family dedication to perfecting the art of malt-making. From Denmark to the far corners of the earth, we have helped Fuglsang spread the love of their malt.

More than 150 years in the malting business

With customers all over the world, Fuglsang is a family-owned company with a proud tradition of fine craftsmanship dating back to 1865, when the brewery was first founded in Haderslev, Denmark. The Fuglsang family’s golden brew quickly became the most popular beer in town. And so a malting plant was soon established.

Over the years, the Fuglsang family has been strongly committed to quality beer and malt production. The tireless commitment of the family strengthened the company to a degree that even two world wars and a severe fire in the malting plant could not stop the business. And to this day, the Fuglsang family company, managed by the original founder’s great-great-grandchildren, still guarantees only the highest quality of malt.

The beer company was sold in 2021, but the malting company still carries the family name. Today, Fuglsang is the largest malt producer in the Nordics. They export about 80% of their annual production of 155.000 tonnes across the globe.

The process of malting the golden grain

The cornerstone of malt production at Fuglsang is using barley malt from Danish fields that are ideal for growing this essential ingredient. The barley is delivered almost daily from cooperatives and farms. Once each batch has been carefully analysed at Fuglsang’s own laboratory, the trucks are unloaded, and the barley is taken care of.

Malting is a biological process that has remained unchanged for centuries. The process typically takes around nine days to complete. It involves steeping barley kernels in water to trigger germination, allowing the kernels to grow and release enzymes. These enzymes will later convert starches into sugars during the brewing process. Once the germination is complete, the malt is dried to stop the growth and preserve the enzymes.

Overall, the process requires careful attention to ensure the highest quality of the malt. Once the malt is produced, the various types are stored in individual silos ready for blending, depending on Fuglsang’s customer requirements.

Shipping 124.000 tonnes of malt across the globe

Each year, Fuglsang produces a total of 155.000 tonnes of malt, of which about 80% is shipped across the globe. Almost all, 95%, of the malt is used by breweries worldwide for beer brewing. A small percentage is employed in distilling whiskey. And an even smaller portion to produce malt extract for sweetening and baking applications.

70% of the malt is shipped by sea, while 30% is shipped by road. The road transports go to breweries in Denmark, Norway, and Germany. Some of the malt is also shipped by coaster vessels from the ports of Hanstholm and Kolding in Denmark and Hamburg in Germany to customers who have the facilities to take in full bulk loads.

Shipping malt in containers by sea

Greencarrier Liner Agency has been handling the containerised overseas shipments for Fuglsang for more than 30 years. Malt is a dried grain, making it a sensitive product to transport. The goods require careful packaging and handling during transport. The malt needs to be transported in clean, dry, waterproof, and odourless shipping containers.

For overseas shipments, malting bags are typically used. The bags are manufactured on-site and filled with between 50 and 1000 kilos of malt. Once the malt is ready for delivery, the bags are loaded into containers and picked up by trucks. The malt is then transported by road to the port of Aarhus, where they are loaded onto container ships for further transport by sea to Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

A reliable and flexible shipping partner

When it comes to choosing shipping and transport partners, Fuglsang places a premium on competitiveness, flexibility, and efficient handling of container shipments. That is why Greencarrier Liner Agency, with its global reach and focus on reliable and sustainable container shipping, proved to be an ideal fit for Fuglsang as the agent for Evergreen Line.

– Greencarrier Liner Agency in Denmark is a reliable and flexible shipping partner. They provide good service and containers that meet our standards. Our long-standing partnership with Greencarrier Liner Agency and Evergreen Line spans over three decades. This is a testament to our satisfaction with their services, says Kim Fuglsang, CEO at Fuglsang.

Do you need an expert on container shipping?
Do you need an expert on container shipping?

A shared focus on sustainability

In addition to a long-standing partnership, Greencarrier Liner Agency and Fuglsang also have a shared sustainability focus. While sustainable shipping is at the heart of our agenda, Fuglsang has made a firm commitment to a sustainable production process.

– To reduce our environmental impact, we have invested in energy-efficient technologies to power our malting process. Instead of relying on fossil fuels like natural gas and oil, we use renewable energy sources, energy-saving heat pumps and cogeneration. We have also installed large wood pellet furnaces that help minimise air pollution. In general, there is a growing need to adopt a more holistic approach that considers all stages of the supply chain. From farmers and malt producers to logistics companies and breweries.

Do you need an expert on container shipping?

Greencarrier Liner Agency offers shipping and transportation solutions across the globe. Key to achieving genuine customer satisfaction is having a deep understanding of the market. With years of accumulated expertise, we will ensure that your goods receive top-notch service – from barley to beer – or whatever supply chain needs you may have.

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