The benefits of transit in Estonia when transporting goods from China to Russia

What are the benefits of using a multimodal transport solution with transit in Estonia to get your goods from China to Russia?

There is a growing need for smooth, sustainable and less expensive transport solutions from China to Russia. By using Estonian ports as a gateway, you get both efficient customs procedures and competitive rates. In this blog article, I will describe the benefits of using a multimodal transport solution with transit in Estonia to get your goods from their point of departure in China to their final destination in Russia.   

Muuga Harbour – a hub specialised in handling transit goods

The trade between China and Russia is increasing year by year. We particularly see a growing demand for smoother and cheaper door-to-door solutions from China to western parts of Russia. Shipping with transit in Estonia can be a part of such a solution. The Baltic Sea has for a long time served as a major transport corridor between the East and the West, and Estonian ports have proven to be good alternatives to Saint Petersburg and other Russian entry points.

Muuga Harbour is the main cargo harbour for Port of Tallinn and the biggest cargo harbour in Estonia. It has developed into a successful hub specialised in handling transit goods. A great geographical location, short transit times and competitive rates are just a few of the benefits of using Muuga Harbour when shipping your goods:   

  • The harbour has an extensive free zone which grants flexible and simplified customs procedures, easy transfer of ownership rights, value-added services as well as no import VAT on goods that are imported temporarily for processing and then exported from Estonia.
  • There are warehousing possibilities within the harbour area which shortens transit times and reduces customs procedures and costs.
  • You have the possibility to weigh containers and get fast correction of customs documents if needed.
  • It is one of the few ice-free ports in northernmost Europe and among the deepest, with depths of up to 18 meters.
  • The harbour has around-the-clock services and well developed digital services.

The steps of a multimodal transport solution from China to Russia

There are many reasons for considering Estonia as a gateway when shipping your goods to Russia. Still, a door-to-door transport solution from China to Russia with transit in Tallinn includes several steps that should interlock perfectly. These steps include, for example: Collecting the goods at the factory or warehouse in China by truck or train, container pick-up and drop-off, customs clearance, shipping to Muuga Harbour in Tallinn, unloading the goods at the receiving port and final delivery in Russia by truck or train. All parts of the journey are equally important and careful planning of these will save you both time and costs in the long run. Furthermore, if anything unforeseen should happen and issues arise regarding your shipment, local knowledge and close contacts with local agents is essential for a quick solution.

A transportation partner that minimises your need for logistics coordination

As the agent for Evergreen Line, Greencarrier Liner Agency sees all the benefits of ocean shipping as well as of combining it with other modes of transportation. Our local knowledge in China, Estonia and Russia enable us to plan and carry out every step of the supply chain with a clear total rate. In addition, we have close and regular contact with representatives at the different ports. Should an issue occur regarding your cargo, we can solve it in good time and minimise your need for logistics coordination.

Greencarrier Liner Agency uses Muuga Harbour as our main hub for transit cargo to Russia. For ocean vs feeder vessel connection we use both Hamburg and Rotterdam ports. As such, we can tailor a complete and customised door-to-door solution to transport your goods from China to Russia in a sustainable, smooth and cost-efficient way!   

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog article! If you have any questions regarding shipping solutions via Tallinn or want more information, feel free to contact our sales personnel or me. Also, you can find other interesting articles at Greencarrier Liner Agency’s Knowledge Center.

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