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Shipping by air might seem like a piece of cake - and to be honest - for us who’s been in the transport business for some time, it is!

Shipping by air might seem like a piece of cake – and to be honest – for us who have been in the transport business for some time, it is! We believe almost any air freight request can be solved. However, there are always different ways of solving problems. Here are five solutions to consider before getting your cargo up in the air.

1. On demand service with the next departing flight

Do you need your goods to be moved in the quickest possible transit time? When time is your highest priority the next flight out service is your best option. Your freight is placed on the next departing flight and receives a priority service, through to the destination airport and beyond.

2. An economical alternative for less time-sensitive cargo

Is your priority to keep transportation costs down, but for some reason you still need to send your cargo by air? Instead of transporting your cargo super fast – which is normally the case with air freight – you can pre-book space and have your goods delivered according to fixed traffic solutions. This solution requires some planning ahead, but results in lower costs.

3. The lower costs of sea freight combined with the speed of airfreight

Do you need a mode of transportation that is faster than sea freight, but more economical than air freight? The combination of ocean transport and air freight gives you shorter lead times than ocean freight alone and is cheaper than just air freight. By combining the two of them, you will get your cargo to its destination on time, but at a highly competitive price.

4. Charters for larger cargo or special transports

Do you have a time-critical cargo that is oversized or impossible to split over different scheduled services? Then chartering might be the best idea. Most charter flights have virtually no size or weight limitations for those extra large and often time-critical cargo shipments that simply must arrive on time.

5. Express flights for rush goods

Do you demand a fast service within a fixed budget and time schedule? Sending you freight with an express flight will improve your economy and at the same time ensure that your freight arrives when needed.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to transport goods by air, depending on the requirements. Sometimes you might even need a combination of the above actions! Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with the best solution. We help everyone from first-time shippers to regular importers and exporters of freight.

Not only do we take care of your cargo, we also function as your advisory partner, sharing our knowledge and giving you advice about restrictions and standards such as volume, weight, packaging and temperature checks. You should not have to worry about anything.

Would you like to know more about our air freight solutions? Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website!

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